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Diabetes Hearing Loss or Impairment

is a complication that doesn't get as much attention as other diabetes-related health risks like . In one study, researchers found that people with diabetes had a higher rate of hearing loss across all frequencies (although more common at higher frequencies). It's an issue that may not be as well known as some of the other , but it's an important one.

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Many things can cause hearing loss. For instance, it can be caused by normal aging, disease, or even excessive noise. It is thought that chronic in diabetics may cause in the inner ear, leading to the hearing impairment. Another possible reason could be the poor blood circulation to the inner ear. It's estimated that diabetics are twice as likely to experience hearing loss than someone without diabetes.

If you have diabetes, consider having your hearing checked every year or two. A hearing aid can be used before diabetes hearing loss impacts the quality of your life. Diabetics should strive to keep their blood glucose levels well-managed by following a plan in order to avoid further health complications.



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