Type 2 Diabetes Guide

A Diabetes Diagnosis: How Long Does Diabetes Last?

The modern lifestyle relies heavily on convenience: electronic gadgets and cars dominate our busy lives, and as a result, we often make less than ideal lifestyle choices. is on the rise and the numbers of people who develop the disease is projected to continue to grow. ?

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Diabetes lasts forever. There is currently no cure for the disease. Once you have it, you always have it. Diabetes can be controlled by following a strict plan and making . But if you should stop following the treatment plan, the -- along with an increased risk of -- will return.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that develops slowly over time. Sometimes called , it's too. It is primarily considered a lifestyle disease because the choices we make can significantly raise the . Risks include:

  • Excess weight -- or just being overweight causes our bodies to develop , or a decreased sensitivity to the effects of insulin. This is a pre-cursor to becoming diabetic.

  • Sedentary lifestyle -- exercise is vital to everyone's health. It helps keep blood pressure down, improves cholesterol levels, improves circulation, keeps blood glucose levels under control, plus a . A lack of exercise makes it more difficult to keep blood sugar levels in .

  • Poor diet -- unhealthy diets contribute to weight gain.

  • Genetics -- a also increases your risk of developing the disease.

How long does diabetes last? Once you develop the disease, you have it for life. It can be controlled but not cured. If you are at risk for the disease or have been showing symptoms, consult with your doctor to develop a plan on how you can . Prevention of diabetes is preferable to having to manage it.



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