Type 2 Diabetes Guide

How to Beat a Diabetes Test - Why Would You Want To?

A is scary and certainly can be life-changing. It's no surprise that many people feel compelled to learn -- after all, who wants to get a diagnosis like that? And for those who already have diabetes, the pressure can be intense to keep blood sugar levels within an appropriate range ... especially if there's a doctor or family waiting in the wings, to check up on you. But trying to 'beat' the test is just asking for trouble.

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If you haven't yet been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes:

It's true that a new diagnosis can feel scary and overwhelming. However, is a disease that can be effectively treated and managed - in some cases, it's enough to make to keep it under control and medication is not needed. Eating healthier and getting fresh air and exercise is a positive change that everyone can make, diabetic or not!

While you may be able to manipulate your blood sugar levels for a test, you won't be able to do so with an oral glucose tolerance test. In any case, knowing you have diabetes -- or that you are -- gives you a "heads-up" to start making positive changes. There are many ; catching the disease early and managing it appropriately can help to prevent the onset of these complications, or at least minimize their impact. It's better to know and take action... then to deliberately try to hide from it and suffer the complications.

If you have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes:

There's no doubt that some people get tired of repeated testing... and of always being monitored by their doctors or family who all mean well. Some people have a harder time controlling their blood sugar levels than others. But trying to beat or manipulate the test results isn't useful. It's better to have a clear picture of how well your glucose levels are currently being managed. That way, you can get help in getting your glucose levels to where they should be, if you need the help. The complications of uncontrolled diabetes can be nasty; not only are you at higher risk of serious health issues like , , or ... your well-being and ability to enjoy life can be impacted greatly by things like , , and .

Diabetes is a serious disease. It may help to talk to a diabetes educator or counsellor who can better understand how you feel.

Trying to figure out how to beat a diabetes test is counter-productive to one's health. Being diabetic doesn't define who you are - it's just something that needs to be managed. And knowing your blood sugar levels gives you the information you need to figure out a course of action.



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