Type 2 Diabetes Guide

Normal Variations in Blood Sugar During the Day

Controlling blood sugar levels is an important part of life for people with . The first step is knowing what's normal. So ?

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  • Fasting blood sugar: this is the level that's measured after fasting (not eating) for 8 hours. Fasting sugar levels should normally be between 72-108 mg/dL (4 to 6 mmol/L). In people with diabetes, the target range is typically 72-126 mg/dL (4 to 7 mmol/L).

  • After a meal () In people without diabetes, it's normally 90 to 144 mg/dL (5 to 8 mmol/L). Good control for diabetics, two hours after a meal, is typically around 90-180 mg/dL (5 to 10 mmol/L).

Here is a summary of the variance using the numbers above:

  Fasting - Low Reading Post-Prandial (2 hours) - High Reading VARIANCE
Non-diabetic 72 mg/dL (4 mmol/L) 144 mg/dL (8 mmol/L) 72 - 144 mg/dL (4 - 8 mmol/L)
A fluctuation of 72 mg/dL (4 mmol/L) over the course of the day
Diabetic 72 mg/dL (4 mmol/L) 180 mg/dL (10 mmol/L) 72 - 180 mg/dL (4 - 10 mmol/L)
A fluctuation of 108 mg/dL (6 mmol/L) over the course of the day

The example above does not reflect your individual situation; diabetics should regularly to ensure they stay within the target range set for them by their doctors. A comprehensive can help you keep your glucose levels well-controlled. Some people will be able to , while others may be prescribed or insulin to help with glucose control.



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